Fall Weather Causing Writer’s Block?

Have you ever run into “writer’s block”? Seriously, I usually don’t have trouble finding things to write about and share, but this month I’ve been stymied!

Perhaps it’s the change in weather. While September is ending on a warm note, fall is definitely in the air. The leaves are turning. The mornings and evenings are cooler, and there’s a crispness to the air.  I just want to sit out on the porch and read.

Then again, maybe it’s because I’ve been preparing for the late start of the social media marketing class I teach online through Yavapai College. The college changed learning platforms over summer, from Blackboard to Canvas, so I’ve had to re-build the class in the new platform. It was a bit time-intensive, but it’s fairly intuitive, and I think it will prove to be a better learning platform for the students.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve recently been immersed in speaking Spanish with some friends from Argentina. They’ve been visiting with very close friends who speak very little Spanish. Since Eric is natively fluent and I’m quite proficient, we’ve spent quite a bit of time conversing with them in Spanish. As a result, I find I’m talking to myself in Spanish instead of English! That’s a good thing, but it’s derailed my thought process a bit.

TIPs to overcome writer’s block

glass of water and skyA quick internet search for tips to overcome writer’s block turned up this link: 7 ways to overcome writer’s block, by Chuck Sambuchino, writersdigest.com.

One suggestion is to stop trying to write and do anything creative. Paint, draw, write poetry, design pictures in PhotoShop or Illustrator, etc. (I may have to try this, although it makes me feel unproductive, and I hate wasting time).

Another is to get up and move – do tai chi, exercise, go for a walk (been there done that already this morning). Another tip is to write early in the morning. Now that I agree with! I am my most creative in the morning, and it helps to read or watch stimulating, creative, motivational quotes or stories to get my mind flowing.

His #7 technique is the most interesting though – the glass of water technique. Before bed, fill a glass of water and speak an intention to the water. When you wake up in the morning, drink the water and then sit down at the computer and start writing. I may have to try that!

What’s your favorite way to end writer’s block?


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