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Strategic Planning Career Takes Focus

Eric A. Denniston, Denner Group International   January 30, 2014 Takeaways: A strategic planning career defined. A possible career path to plan for. What size organizations to seek work in. Valuable certifications to obtain and keep. Are you already planning to have a career, or switch your career in the direction of Strategic Planning? Make sure…

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Managing Change for Every Type of Organization

By Eric A Denniston, Managing Director, Denner Group International   November 2013 Takeaways: An overview of managing change. What small organizations can do to leverage related skills. Three tips for applying some best practices for any size organization.\ How has your business changed recently, or how do you expect it to change in the near future?…

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Overcoming Planning Mistakes

By Eric A Denniston, Managing Director, Denner Group International  11/18/2012 Takeaways: Overcoming planning mistakes requires some strategic thinking up front to ensure all the possible outcomes and issues have been addressed. I recently had the opportunity to address a group of folks who are undergoing some community-wide leadership training. The topic I was asked to…

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2 Key Strategies to Conquer Chaos

By Jeri T Denniston, Chief Marketing Strategist, Denner Group International   5/17/2012 Takeaways: Two strategies are key to ensuring entrepreneurs and business owners are successful. They are Mindset and Systems Strategies. Having the right mindset helps to set the vision and purpose of the business. Setting up and following the right systems ensures the needed actions…

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A Lesson in Change – Saving the St. Lucia Parrot

By Jeri T Denniston, Chief Marketing Strategist, Denner Group International   11/19/2011 Takeaways: Changing people’s actions requires changing how they identify with the change. This can be done using the identity or the consequences model. The St. Lucia parrot has a vivid turquoise blue face, lime green wings and a  beautiful red shield on its breast….

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Themes to Live By in 2012 and Beyond

By Jeri T Denniston, Chief Marketing Officer, Denner Group International  12-12-2011 I was re-reading the book You Can Create an Exceptional Life, by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson, and came to a list of themes to live by that Louise Hay has used to guide her life’s decisions. They seem like the perfect way to…