Google Glass is the New Fashion Trend

Jeri Denniston, Denner Group International  January 29, 2014

Takeaways: Google Glass eyeglass frames trending towards fashion statement, making wearing glasses a popular trend for personal expression. Wearable connectivity is the future.

Google’s latest innovation, Google Glass, may have unintended consequences. I foresee mainstream people adopting glasses as a fashion statement and for personal expression, not for need.

How Isabelle Olsson made Google Glass Beautiful
Isabelle Olsson shows off one of the designs

Isabelle Olsson’s latest designs released earlier in January have changed the look of Google Glass to timeless, fashionable frames. No longer will Google Glass adopters look like something out of a science fiction movie. Now with the purchase of the Google frames for $225, you can look powerful or hip or trendy, depending on your mood.

According to the article in Fast Company by Rebecca Greenfield, Olsson’s team of designers intend to have them available for any optometrist or frame reseller to easily fit as they would any other lenses. Google Glass frames can be fitted for prescription lenses, making them usable for anyone.

We should all invest in eyeglass frame manufacturing and Google Glass stock. With this trend towards wearable internet products, society is moving towards 24/7 connectivity everywhere. This is not a fad that will go the way of the Pet Rock. It’s a trend of the future.

Watch this video to see how you might make your own fashion statement.

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