ASP Outstanding Service Award

Jeri Denniston, Social Media Team Co-founder and Chair, received Jeri Denniston - Janice Laureen Outstanding Service Award 2013
one of the first Janice Laureen Outstanding Service Awards from the Association for Strategic Planning at the annual conference in Atlanta, GA, April 22-24, 2013. Alan Leeds made the nomination and the presentation before a group of more than 200 participants.

“I am thrilled and honored to receive one of the first such awards in Janice’s name,” commented Jeri. “Janice was a very special person to many of us, and especially to me. We worked together frequently on the social media team and other ASP projects, so to given an award in her name is doubly special.”

Alan Leeds, President of Y-Change and an ASP board member at large, made the presentation. He also nominated Jeri for the award.  In his nomination, Alan commented:

“I have worked with Jeri for the past 6 or so years on different ASP committees and events.  I feel that over these past years she has given many, many hours of service to the ASP and has helped us both find and keep our members through the leaderships she has shown; especially as the co- founder and chair of the Social Media Team (SMT).

“Since 2010, she has lead our team through documenting our SMT initiatives, leading our weekly meetings and ensuring our many projects for the ASP are deployed.  These projects have included: the initial organizing, overseeing and implementation of our ASP communications (for our conferences, video contest, boot camps, certification) in such formats as Twitter, Linked in, ASP Newsletter and press releases. She has been instrumental in working with J. Beever and the CMA  in tracking the analytics of the ASP Social media activities, using QR codes on the promo pieces, ASP Facebook Fangate, Social media Tips Chapter Handbook, and the creation of the ASP Social Networks schedule.

“For the past 2 years she has helped lead our successful Video conference initiative, culminating in the  presentation of the 2012 video awards at our conference last year, and the  2013 awards chosen, to be presented at our upcoming 2013 conference.”

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