How to Build an Amazing Culture in an Organization of Any Size

According to Sinek, the WHY relates to an organization’s or a leader’s values and purpose. If a leader can articulate their purpose and values, others who believe in those values and purpose will support them and join them. This creates a strong culture where everyone is working towards the same higher purpose. People are excited to come to work and customers go out of their way to buy that company’s products and services.

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Using Systems Thinking to Shift Culture

By Eric A Denniston, Managing Director, Denner Group International    11-18-2011 Takeaways: Systems Thinking is an excellent tool to stay ahead of changes in the world around us. Understanding and applying it in organizations improves communication, reduces unintended consequences, and changes the internal culture. What is Systems Thinking and why should it be important to ALL…

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You Can Cut Costs Without Cutting Jobs

By Jeri T Denniston, Chief Marketing Strategist, Denner Group International   4-12-2010 Takeaways: Involve your employees as business partners to identify creative ways to cut costs without cutting jobs. let people use their brains. you’ll be amazed at the ideas they’ll generate to cut waste. This is a tip in the book Lead with LUV by…